• NASA GeneLab Data System

    NASA GeneLab expands scientists' access to experiments onboard the International Space Station that explore the molecular response of terrestrial biology to spaceflight environments. Our mission is to maximize the utilization of the valuable biological research resources aboard the International Space Station by collecting genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data known as "omics".

    Data Repository

    The data repository hosts space biology and space-related datasets funded by multiple space agencies around the world. Use the search options above to filter through the GeneLab repository or to search across several databases.

    Collaborative Workspace

    GeneLab has customized a workspace for file sharing and access to data analysis tools. To access the workspace, users will need to create an account. Data analysis tool integration is ongoing and more tools will be available in future releases.

    For more information on how to use and navigate through GeneLab Data System, please refer to the User Guide.

    Data Standard Formats

    ISAcreator icon

    GeneLab uses the ISAcreator tool to define an experimental study and store the metadata. Using the ISATAB configuration, study metadata is now viewable by a customized tabbed user interface. Click on each tab to navigate through the different sections: Description, Protocols, Sample and Assay Tables, Publications and Study Files. Consumers of the metadata files should download this configuration, bundled with ISAcreator (ZIP - 44.4MB), prior to loading the ISA-Tab file set, in order to view the study metadata completely and correctly. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up ISAcreator and how to view GL metadata please download our tutorial (PDF - 740KB).

    GeneLab accepts community defined data format standards, listed here.

    GeneLab Sponsors

    NASA GeneLab is sponsored by the NASA Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division (SLPSRA) and the NASA International Space Station Program.

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